Imagine what life would be like if...

  • You had the freedom, finances and flexibility to create a lifestyle you desire.
  • You had access to tools, resources and a community to share ideas, gain feedback, learn new strategies, be challenged and supported.
  • You weren't overwhelmed growing your business in a way that felt right for you.
  • You felt confident in who you are and the transformation you provide for your clients/customers.
  • You were living your purpose daily and creating positive change.


School of Impact.


In School of Impact you will grow a business you love inside a savvy sisterhood.

I've taken everything I've learned from coaching hundreds of women globally to live intentionally within their business and life, and packaged it up so that you'll experience the best of working with me.

Over six months, or a year (you have options) you'll receive group coaching, resources, access to prior trainings and support from myself and other incredible women in business, as well as learn from expert guests.

School of Impact focuses on three main areas, because to make an impact in your industry I believe takes a holistic approach to living.

Therefore, we focus on:

  • Mindset: How you see yourself (identity), what you think, your beliefs, the stories you tell yourself and how to have a growth mindset to thrive
  • Wellbeing: Habits and rituals that support you within and outside of your business - happiness, health and mindfulness.
  • Business strategy: Marketing, branding, understanding your ideal avatar, ethical selling, business operations and structure

so that you can thrive in life whilst growing a business you love.

School of Impact.

It isn't another program, it's an interactive learning experience where you don't just learn theory but you do the work in the group coaching sessions and receive immediate feedback from myself and the other women.

It's where courage, compassion and clarity meet so that you can grow your business and make your impact in the world.

What's included when you join...

Weekly Live Group Coaching

Each week we focus on a different topic that will help you mentally, emotionally, or strategically in business.

Bi-weekly Q&A's

This gives you an opportunity to ask myself or the group questions to help you with clarity and to grow.

Weekly goal setting

To take intentional action to create a business and life you love.

Program - Get off the floor!

A self-discovery program specifically designed for female entrepreneurs to rise stronger than before.

A Savvy Sisterhood

To learn from, grow with, challenge and to support each other.

Expert Guest Interviews

To learn strategies, skills and new ways of doing things so your business will thrive.

Plus Added Bonuses...


Bonus One:

Access to over 20 prior trainings in your own membership portal.

Bonus Two:

Pre-recorded guided meditations for greater clarity, confidence and calm.

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What women are saying about

School of Impact.

Amanda Stoneham

Something had to change in my business and personal life...

As a coach Megan draws on education, real life experience and her unique combination of creativity and compassion.

School of Impact is an amazing community of women in business, who are a huge support for each other.

What Megan doesn't know about business, mindset and marketing, she brings in incredible expert speakers who share their knowledge and we all learn from that.

I cannot believe the difference Megan and School of Impact has made to my business and my life. It has been amazing.

- Amanda Meryle Photography

Rebecca Rowe

Last year I was at my breaking point and wanted to give up. Within less than six months of working with Megan I've quadrupled my sales. She has also helped me with my mindset, which I never knew was such an important part of business. 

Definitely be a part of School of Impact. The group of women are phenomenal.

Go for it! Invest in yourself!

- Capsule Creator

Jenna Williams

I love School of Impact! I've grown in so many ways - purposefully, holistically, meaningfully.

My business is doing better than ever. Megan helped me find my clarity and purpose and did it in a way that sometimes can be firm - and I need that, and other times really empathetic. I absolutely love it!
I can't recommend Megan and School of Impact enough where you get to share in such a safe and supportive environment which she has created.

- Good Vibes Co

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